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Electronic Systems Engineer H&A Recruiter

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Position Details & Responsibilities

Herk & Associates is recruiting an Electronic Systems Engineer for a Leading Manufacturer of Cutting-Edge Attachments for Material Handling Equipment. Company based out of Kansas however this is a remote position. 

Purpose: The Electronic Systems Engineer initiates, engages in, and implements product development projects within Telematics, Safety Features, Proximity Detection, Industrial Vehicle Systems, and Aftermarket offerings. Supports customer requests for product modifications, develops new products, product enhancements, as well as the creation and improvement of products that involve product strategy and roadmaps. Provides focus on the product offering with the objective to maximize revenue growth, profitability, and EBITDA of the company through extraordinary technical and product support and customer satisfaction that typically exceeds industry norm & expectations. Secondary role supporting factory needs as related to Process Engineering where electrical, electronic, or controls expertise is needed.



  • B.S. in Engineering and minimum of 6+ experience in a related area
  • Proven experience in hands-on product development
  • Above average organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Comfortable working with both OEM & Aftermarket customers
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite


  • Exceptional organizational skills & attention to detail
  • 10 – 15 years’ experience and/or MBA
  • Experience with Global Shop or similar ERP system
  • Appropriate market insights and knowledge
  • Skilled in working independently and within a team


  • Regular use of mathematical formulas for calculations
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills when assessing drawings, plans, products, and projects
  • Ability to accurately and efficiently covey verbal and written directions/instructions
  • General office skills: ability to use telephone, calculator, copier, facsimile, scanners, digital camera, and computer keyboards
  • Ability to effectively communicate with engineers and other department members
  • In-depth and thorough knowledge of products & components
  • Proficient in CAD, CAM, and other engineering and design software
  • Strong leadership skills in patience, equity, tact, motivation, organization, and feedback channels
  • Accurate knowledge of relevant market and sales 
  • Achievement and action oriented
  • Organized with superior concentration on customers
  • Aptitude for learning quickly and working effectively with others

For more information on this position, please contact Beth Hnat at Herk & Associates: 



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