What is CVN (CVV2/CVC2)?

The CVN code is a special 3-4 digit code used as a security measure for all Internet transactions. It is called CVV2 (Credit card Verification Value) for Visa cards and CVC2 (Credit card Verification Code) for MasterCard. Since the CVN is listed on your credit card, but is not stored anywhere, the only way to know the correct number for your credit card is to physically have possession of the card itself. Because of this, it is a security enhancement against misuse of credit cards. All VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards newer than 5 years have a CVN.

Note: The CVN code is printed on your card; it is not raised from the surface of the card like your credit card's account number.

How to find your CVN?
On a Visa or MasterCard, please turn your card over and look in the signature strip. You will find (either the entire 16-digit string of your card number, OR just the last 4 digits), followed by a space, then followed by a 3-digit number. That 3-digit number is your CVV2 number. In case it is longer (e.g. 4-5 digits), you should type only the last 3 of them. (See below)

American Express cards have a 4-digit CVC2 printed above and to the right of the imprinted card number on the front of the card. In case it is longer (e.g. 5 digits), you should type only the last 4 of them. (See below)

If you need more information or cannot read your CVN, you have to contact the issuing creditor.