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Heavy Equipment Recruiting Experts

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The Best Jobs in the Industry

Take your career to the next level

We partner with the best companies in the equipment industry who entrust us to find executive, management, sales and operational positions for them.

Highly Knowledgeable Staff

Work with recruiters that understand your business

We only recruit for the equipment industry and our team understands the dealership, manufacturing and rental environments.

Unparalleled Customer Service

All inquiries and calls are responded to quickly, period.

We know that your job or candidate search can be challenging. Our clients and candidates know that when they need us, we will answer with effective and expedient service.

Commitment to Doing the Right Thing

These are not empty words to us, our team lives by this.

We care about improving the careers and lives of our candidates. We care about bringing the best possible talent to our clients. And we care about doing this honestly and objectively.

Recruiting Plans that are Priced Right

Hiring a recruiting firm should not be painful.

Our recruiting plans and job board options are designed to provide our Hiring Managers excellent value and fair pricing.

Access to Our Extensive Network

Looking for candidates or a job? Look no further.

We are proud of our unique ability to instantly share available positions with our vast industry-specific network of candidates.

Herk & Associates has helped 45,650 active industry contacts.

We have earned the trust of many clients - including these fine companies

You need great people, we do the digging!

Find out how our expert recruiting team can help you find your next employee.

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