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Equipment Demonstrator / Operator / Trainer / Inspector Direct Hire

Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co. Cat

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Position Details & Responsibilities

Job Duties:
- Demonstration and delivery of all new, rental, and used Caterpillar equipment and products.  - Explanation of new machine features.
- Review maintenance, lube, and oil check points.
- Conduct training on walk arounds, operation techniques, and safety.
- Conduct mine and production studies (cycle times, work with scale trucks, etc.), as well as stockpile and haul road maintenance.
- Have a strong service background to assist in trouble shooting machine performance problems and appraise customer`s machines for trade values.
- Assist Marketing department with trade and product demonstrations.
- Perform machine inspections on rental and used (primarily) equipment for purchase or trade.



Degrees or other special requirements:
- Must have the ability to operate ALL Caterpillar equipment.
- Strong personal and computer skills.
- Familiar with Electronic Technician to assist in answering questions and building confidence in customers with Caterpillar products.
- Good public speaking skills required.
- Ability to provide transportation and travel 40,000 to 50,000 miles per year.
- Ability to stay overnight when required.
- Must have ability to successfully complete the required testing to become a certified operator, and complete courses for instructor certification.
- Ability to work with simulators and simulator trailer, as well as the sale and marketing of simulators.
- Should have a minimum of 5 years of operating equipment experience.

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