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Service Technician Direct Hire

Ironhide Equipment

Position Details & Responsibilities

Responsible for the effective repair of machine components in the company shop and field, with high levels of quality. This individual must work under direction of a supervisor.

REPORTS TO:  Service Foreman and/or Service Manager.


  • Tools
  • Must own basic shop tools and toolbox to perform general repairs


  • Recondition and repair equipment and components
  • Plan methods and sequence of performing repairs assigned
  • Order all parts and materials required to perform assigned repairs
  • Perform repairs in a safe and effective manner
  • Ensure that all repairs are completed as assigned
  • Ensure the cosmetic appearance upon completion as required
  • Ensure all parts and materials not used are returned as per guidelines
  • Maintain the work area in a clean and safe condition


  • Maintain good working records for time, parts, supplies, and outside purchases in repairs
  • All record keeping methods are followed per instructions
  • All cost-related items are included in the job paperwork
  • Ensure all records are kept legible and in compliance with established methods
  • Thoroughly write up and complete each work order upon finishing each job.

  • Maintain and care for shop tools, equipment and vehicles 
  • All specialty tools used on the job are obtained using the methods established
  • All tools and special equipment used on repairs are clean before being returned
  • All specialty tools used on jobs are returned to the original location in working condition
  • Wear all personal protective equipment, as required; and encourages others to do so.


  • Communicate with others professionally
  • All communications with customers is conducted in a manner reflecting respect and honesty
  • All communications with co-workers conducted in a polite and courteous manner



The individual in this position should be personable, a problem solver, reliable, ethical, intelligent, and able to adapt to all of the forces around them – customers, suppliers, department employees, co-workers and manufacturers’ employees.Technical experience, a technical school certificate or equivalent in mechanical repairs is required. Driving record must be clean at all times to enable operation of company vehicles and perform service calls as necessary.


  • Strong mechanical skills
  • Good communications skills
  • Good, safe work habits
  • A good working knowledge of equipment operations and mechanical functions
  • Able to perform repairs for all major equipment systems
  • Able to operate equipment to load and unload trucks



Contribution to spirit of cooperation and teamwork with other departments, specifically parts and sales personnel.



  • Occasionally lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling 100+ pounds and/or frequently lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling 50+ pounds and/or continuous lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling 20+ pounds.
  • Occasional to frequent walking or standing
  • Frequent and continual movement as follows, often several of movements simultaneously (i.e. handle while crouching, carry while kneeling):
  • Kneel (bend legs at knee, come to rest on knees)
  • Crouch/Squat (bend body down and forward, bending legs and spine)
  • Crawl (move on hands, knees, and feet)
  • Climb (ascend/descend ladders, stairs, ramp, or step up on or down from equipment/trailer)
  • Stoop (Bend downward and forward at waist)
  • Lift (raise or lower object > 25 pounds from one level to another)
  • Carry (transport an object)
  • Push (press with steady force, thrust objects forward, downward, outward)
  • Pull (drag or tug objects)
  • Turn/twist (move a body part in circular motion)
  • Bend (bend downward and forward by bending the spine at waist)
  • Reach (extend hands and arms in any direction)
  • Handle (seize, hold turn with hands)
  • Repetitive motion of wrists, hands, and fingers
  • Hearing and speaking to exchange information.
  • Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate equipment.
  • Consistently exposed to weather conditions, fumes, and loud noise.



In the service department, the skills and dedication of the technical staff is of paramount importance.  These individuals, by nature of their work, are expected to provide high quality repairs within acceptable time standards (Efficiency/Productivity).  In addition to the duties listed above, reputation for teamwork and cooperation between departments; as well as exceptional customer service.

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