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Machine Control Sales Engineer Direct Hire

Beard Equipment Co.

Position Details & Responsibilities


Represent and promote dealership operations, which ensure customer confidence and maximum profits for the company. Coordinate activities and cooperate with other departments to best serve the needs of the Customer. Provide sales and product support for machine control solutions. This individual is required to work in conjunction with all members of the company and perform the following duties as instructed:

REPORTS TO: Vice President, Operations


Assure customer satisfaction.

  • Know the customer’s needs and expectations both today and the future.
  • Utilize customer relationships to improve the customer’s perception of dealership, people, products, and services.
  • Adhere to the designated Sales Process, including completion of all required documentation, etc.
  • Work together with the entire dealership team to ensure all of our customers are satisfied.
  • Accept responsibility as the final source of non-machine control departments’ problems because they can affect total customer relations.

Assist current sales force in further penetrating the machine control market.

  • Provide expertise on various machine control systems and applications.
  • Meet with customers alongside sales representatives to provide sales and product support in machine control discussions.
  • Assist sales representatives with pricing and quoting machine control systems.
  • Perform machine control demonstrations.
  • Provide expertise to customers and sales representatives as it relates to issues and problems with machine control systems.
  • Provide a direct resource to customers for machine control troubleshooting and repair.

Organize and manage his/her own time and area of responsibility to ensure the highest possible return to the company and its customers.

Understand functional product/service and company knowledge.

  • Be proactive to uncover signs that indicate the customer has problems we can solve with our product/service/company features.
  • Develop and maintain a list of Features, Advantages and Benefits for the company and for each of the products and services sold.
  • Update yourself on changes to manufactures’ discounts, special programs, sales, new and used equipment arrival.

Obtain and retain knowledge of the competition and their products.

  • Maintain knowledge of competitive activity and competitive products.
  • Report all competitive sales.

Communicate with all levels of the company to ensure that all service to our customers is taken care of and no profit opportunity is lost because of a lack of communication.

Develop an understanding of the equipment industry.

  • Actively participate in industry specific trade organizations and associations.

Conduct pre-call planning activities.

  • Plan and set the objectives of the call.
  • Organize and review prospect information frequently.

Follow all training assigned as directed.

  • Insure that all training offered is followed and completed as assigned.

Maintain a high level of professional image.

  • Maintain a professional dress.
  • Maintain a clean vehicle
  • Maintain a courteous interaction with customers.



  • High School Diploma required. Bachelor’s degree preferred. Preference will be given to candidates with previous surveying, machine control or survey equipment sales experience.
  • Must have a focus and willingness to complete task with an extraordinary level of detail and accuracy.
  • Must be willing to work on job sites as a sole resource for diagnostics and repairs.
  • Must have proficient computer skills as well as an advanced aptitude in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Must be able to clearly communicate in person, by phone and in writing.
  • Must be able to present business information on a one-on-one or group basis.
  • Must have strong time management skills
  • Must have a clean driving record

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