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About Us

Herk & Associates has been actively recruiting for the equipment industry since 1998. Our goal is to provide access to the very best candidates at the lowest possible cost to you! We have heavily invested in building a database of over 140,000 industry contacts which helps us deliver our marketing materials straight to the desktops of those who are most important. Our database also greatly increases the speed and accuracy of each search enabling us to deliver our services at a lower price to you. Our unique payment schedule allows dealers to pay over an extended period of time, and our guarantee provides you with the comfort and security that comes with making installment payments as you become increasingly confident the right person has been hired.

Company History - 1998 to Present

Jim Herk started Herk & Associates at his dining room table in the late 90`s.  Looking back, Jim often says, "if I would have known how hard it was going to be to get the company where it is today, I may not have started it...." Luckily, ignorance is bliss.  Despite the struggles of starting a small business, Jim found his footing after his first successful placement and started the painstaking process of building what is now an equipment industry-specific database comprised of 140,000 contact profiles and growing. 

Continued success in the early years took Herk & Associates from a husband and wife duo with office space in a converted utility closet in the Herk`s Phoenix home, to the efficient twelve-person team it is today.  As Christian recalls, "the office was so small Ben & I had to take turns making phone calls to avoid talking over each other."  Since then, years of dedication, hard work and superb customer service have helped  Herk & Associates outgrow the original closet headquarters and expand to include more than twelve full-time employees in Phoenix and three regional offices. 

The economic downturn and near complete freeze of industry hiring in 2007 and 2008 were hard times for the company.  Fortunately, competitive pricing, our strong database, and our ability to deliver our weekly jobs listings efficiently and effectively to our loyal customer base helped Herk & Associates weather the financial storm.  We see much more opportunity and success on the horizon.  A well-known equipment dealer in the AG & CE business has referred to Herk & Associates as "the premier recruiting company for the equipment industry."  We are well poised to continue to grow that reputation in the coming years. 

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Herk & Associates has helped 45,650 active industry contacts.